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    Dr.Azhar BakhshiQualified from: London United Kingdom, 1999 Lond,United Kingdom, 1999GDC No: 76523

    Azhar qualified in 1999 from Guys and St Thomas's Hospital with a distinction in Oral surgery. He gained extensive experience in Oral and Maxillofacial surgery during which time he completed his Membership exams with the Royal College of Surgeons of England.He joined the Flagstaff Practice in 2002 where he continues to work as the clinical lead undertaking all aspects of referral work including Oral surgery and Implant dentistry, in 2018 Azhar also joined the Clacton Practice.Azhar has gained extensive experience in sedation techniques and is involved in mentoring and teaching local dentists the art of Oral surgery and Implant dentistry.In 2009 he was awarded the prestigious Diploma in Implant dentistry by examination with the Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh and was one of the first six Implantologist’s in the UK to gain this qualification. He is a registered mentor in Implant dentistry for the Association of Dental Implantology (UK) and for Dentsply Implants.

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    Dr.Cristina CarraraQualified from: Grado en Odontologia Universidad Europea De Madrid 2019 Madrid, 2019GDC No: 293158

    Cristina was born in Italy and attended a French secondary school in Rome. The deep knowledge of four languages led her to study in New York for an exchange and finally led Cristina to carry out her dental studies in the European University of Madrid.During her time at university she carried out a research dissertation which focused on ‘the management of anxiety in dental surgery’, this enhanced level of understanding makes her comfortably able to conduct a wide variety of treatments on anxious dental patients. Cristina’s passion is for aesthetic medicine and cosmetic dentistry and this focus has allowed her to pursue a postgraduate degree in Advanced Aesthetic Dentistry, a postgraduate diploma in Advanced Facial Aesthetics. This has developed her skills in non surgical facials aesthetics ‘dermal fillers and Botox’ and smile design. Cristina is also a certified Invisalign provider. Additionally, she has an interest in surgery and has volunteered in a oral surgery department.In her free time Cristina loves being in the nature, traveling and doing yoga.

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    Dr.Mark Lynch(Orthodontist)Qualified from: BDS Australia, 1981GDC No: 71404

    Dr Mark Lynch qualified in Orthodontics in Australia in 1989. He also achieved a specialist registration in 2004.Mark is influent in all forms of Orthodontics and has a special intrest in non extraction therapies, he also focuses on patients profile and appearance.He joined the company in 2000 and has been based in Clacton on Sea since 2008.When Mark is not working for us he is busy working with his partner as they have their own education charity called Project le Monde. Where they build schools in Uganda. {my}dentist has donated dental materials and dental tools to support Marks upcoming trips to Uganda where Mark will be donating his time and expertise to help the people of Uganda.

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    Dr.Masoomeh AminiQualified from: BDS Ukraine, 2013GDC No: 269053

    I qualified in 2013 from Kharkiv National Medical University KNMU (Ukraine) Europe.My special interests are: aesthetic dentistry, comfortable dental treatment, managing nervous patients and the role of communication in dentistry.I am currently performing affordable private dentistry under the {my}options scheme. Working solely private and having the extra time with my patients has hugely improved their perception of the patient-dentist relationship.Currently furthering my skills in Clear Aligner system (brace free teeth Straitening) and Aesthetic Dentistry.Patient's comfort and satisfaction is of the upmost importance to me. I strive to ensure my patients have a positive experience during their treatment.

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    Dr.Prinaven MoodleyQualified from: BChD Witwatersrand, South Africa, 1999GDC No: 77065

    Priny qualified form the prestigious University of Witwatersrand South Africa, he obtained his bachelor of dental surgery degree in 1999 and started working in the UK immediately after his graduation and became an associate dentist after 4 years.He has extensive experience and knowledge of both NHS and private dentistry and has a special interest in endodontics and oral surgery.Priny has attended numerous postgraduate courses including Denture Excellence which is now provided to his patients.He has recently attended a mentor training course and is now able to be a mentor to new UK graduates.Outside of work Priny enjoys gardening and salt water fishing.

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    Dr.Sandhya SreecumaarQualified from: BChD Leeds, United Kingdom, 2012GDC No: 229737

    Sandy qualified as a dentist from the University of Leeds Dental Institute in 2012. Since then she has been providing a range of dental treatments both on the NHS and privately. Her areas of interest are cosmetic composite (white filling) restorations, crowns, bridges, veneers, dentures, teeth whitening and a variety of short term orthodontic (teeth straightening) treatments, including Six Month Smiles, Invisalign Go, Quick Straight Teeth, Inman Aligners and ClearCorrect aligners. Sandy has been with {my}dentist since 2013 working in Bordon, and with friendly manners and a patient-oriented approach, she works with many nervous patients to achieve a smile they would be proud of. Her aim is to remove the negative connotation from visiting the dentist by using a wholly empathetic and gentle approach to patient care. Apart from providing a range of restorative dentistry, Sandy is also a peer-to-peer appraiser for Health Education England Thames Valley & Wessex Deanery, and is also a trained mentor for EU and overseas qualified dentists.In her spare time Sandy loves spending time with her husband and toddler travelling the world. She enjoys honing her passion for baking with her young daughter, cooking different cuisines and being involved in music and singing.

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    Miss.Elizabeth Ikuesan (Orthodontic Therapists)Qualified from: Orthodontic Therapist UK, 2019GDC No: 260926

    I began working for Orthoworld Chelmsford in 2015 as a dental nurse where my passion for orthodontics started and I developed the insight into patient care and oral hygiene. In 2018 I studied with Bristol University Dental Hospital and I was very proud to graduate from the Royal College of Surgeons Edinburgh as an orthodontic therapist in 2019. In addition, I also gained my dental radiography qualification in March 2018 from the British Dental Association. My work involves mainly NHS patients and I also hope to venture more into the private sector here at Orthoworld. As I move forward in my career I am gaining more experience with different braces such as Damon, MBT and Invisalign. I take great pride in my work and it is so rewarding to be able to help patients have the confidence to smile.When I do get the time I enjoy going on treks and spending time with family and friends.

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    Miss.Michelle Wyatt(Hygienist)Qualified from: 267036 UK, 2019GDC No: 267036

    Michelle qualified from the University of Essex in 2019 gaining a foundation degree in Oral Health Science. She has since enjoyed treating patients in both the NHS and Private sector. Michelle takes the patient centered approach to treatment and tailors it to the individual’s needs. She puts patients at ease and works together with them to achieve a healthy smile. Michelle has recently developed her skills in tooth whitening and is keen to continue professional development with Facial Aesthetics and skincare treatments coming soon.In her spare time Michelle likes to travel and spend time with her family and friends.

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    Mr.Anish SridharanQualified from: Grado en Odontologia Universidad Europea De Madrid 2019 Madrid, 2021GDC No: 285409

    Born in the suburbs of London, Anish went to study Microbiology and qualified with a Bsc (Hons) at The University of Nottingham where his research focused on oral allergies. Anish then moved abroad to Spain and qualified as a dentist with a BDS from Universidad Europea de Madrid in 2019. After Anish completed his dental foundation training in Northern Ireland, he returned to London to take up his first associate role. Anish has special interests in dental cosmetic procedures and finds great satisfaction in the increased confidence this brings to patients. Anish provides bespoke smile makeovers through invisible teeth straightening, tooth whitening, veneers and crowns.In his spare time, he enjoys keeping fit at the gym, playing Golf and is a member of his local Tennis Club.

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    Mrs.Debra Whitehead(Treatment co-ordinator)Qualified from: GDC NUMBER: 158429 UK, 2008GDC No: 158429

    Debra has over 30years experience within the dental profession.She started her career in dentistry in 1991 as a trainee dental nurse. Driven by her passion for patient care she completed the level 3 advanced diploma in dental reception in 2009.Over the years she has continued to develop her skills and knowledge to include specialised fields such as dental implants, sedation and cosmetic dentistry.Debra joined {my}dentist in 2014 and continued to develop within her role to become Treatment Co-ordinator at the Clacton practice in 2016 with the practice then changing to an Advanced Oral Health Centre in 2020.Debra`s vast knowledge enables her to be efficient and comprehensive with a professional approach enhancing the patient journey from the initial consultation to completion of treatment, including aftercare.

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  • Dental professionals must be registered with the GDC and meet high standards. Find us on the register: www.gdc-uk.org


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